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The challenge

Vryhof - Anchor test in Norway

The Krafla field offshore Norway is known for its hard soil conditions and resulting anchoring problems for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs). A perfect location for Vryhof to test its 7 mT prototype Stevshark REX anchor. We were invited to communicate the test results to the market.

Our reply

Multimedia campaign

We developed and launched a global multimedia campaign documenting the tests, including video production demonstrating evidence of the anchor's penetration ability in the harshest conditions.

Background information

Statoil - Krafla Field Norwegen

A total of 15 tests were carried out at three different locations, all of them known for past mooring problems for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs). Many times, piggy-back anchor arrangements had to be used used in order to obtain the necessary holding capacity.

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