Anniversary book

Smulders - Transition in Time

Around 2002 Smulders got an order to deliver 80 transition pieces for the Danish Horns Rev I project, at the time the largest offshore wind farm in the world. In 2006 they delivered transition pieces for the Princess Amalia wind park, the first offshore wind park offshore The Netherlands. Since, Smulders has been involved in more than 20 offshore wind power projects. This anniversary book was published to celebrate the production milestone of 1000 transition pieces.


Background information


In the 1990s Smulders acquired a steel construction company in the eastern part of The Netherlands. The factory had some experience in producing piles for (onshore) wind turbines. Back then the offshore wind power industry was still in its infancy and the Dutch government had only just begun to subsidize the sector. Renowned producers of wind turbines were looking for a partner to build the piles for their turnkey projects. The first order that Smulders won involved the production of a number of 39-meter high monopiles.



Background information

Transition Pieces

Transition pieces are an important part of a wind turbine foundation at sea. The complete foundation normally has two pieces. The monopile - a steel tube - is driven into the sea bed and remains above water level after installation. Transition pieces carry the secondary steel elements such as boat landings, ladders and platforms that are required for the safe access and operation of the wind turbines.

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