Anniversary book

IHC Hydrohammer - Great Hits

For a quarter century, IHC Hydrohammer's focus has been on the future. And technical innovation is still of paramount importance. A great number of fantastic "hits" have been achieved over a 25-year period. Many architectural highlights have been made possible by the Hydrohammer. Enough reasons to publish this great performance in a beautiful anniversary book, which has 276 pages.

Background information

IHC Hydrohammer

IHC Hydrohammer designs, produces and delivers hydraulic pile drivers for on- and offshore use. IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Handling Systems, ICH Sea Steel and IHC Fundex were are merged and integrated into one organisation, IHC IQIP in March 2015. IHC IQIP offers a full portfolio of services in the field of on- and offshore installation, foundation and decommissioning.

Background information

The Hydrohammer

The Hydrohammer is a hydraulic pile driver that is used for driving both steel and concrete piles. Thanks to its unique design, the hammer is suitable for all kinds of on- and offshore piling projects.

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