More interaction through the use of the right channels.

More interaction

Successful distribution

The communication scheme helps you produce and distribute the right messages. Where and how they will be published. Selecting the right communication channels is essential to achieve the intended impact of your message within your target group.

Some messages focus on attracting new contacts, others on convincing decision makers, the influencers in the design or tendering phase. Both content and style of the distribution channels are relevant.

Be found & selected

Online communication

The maritime & offshore industry are characterized by large quantities of technical specifications that are used by the end user in the selection process. Nowadays, 98% of purchasers shop online before requesting a quote. Online communication offers enormous possibilities for organizations to be found and plays in important role in simplifying product selection.

Backgrounds & deepening

Magazines & print

Magazines and printed publications may not seem as vital as they once did, but remain important when it comes to connecting with specific target groups. They provide a opening for deeper, more engaging conversations with your target audience.

Personal contact


The maritime & offshore industry with its complex product portfolio demands tailored connections for tailored products. Trade fairs are still the place to meet the target group personally. Participating in a trade fair can be the perfect means of communicating with your target market for an important part of the client’s progress.

Intuitive support

Interactive applications

Supporting Sales, Marketing and Training through mobile applications, desktops or screen arrangements. Technically interactive solutions focus on transforming technical details into intuitive images. Product configurators are specifically useful for organizations with a large product portfolio. Multimedia apps allow your organization the flexibility to make your presentations available at any time.

Behavior change


Games allow your target group to freely and independently gain insight in future scenarios, taking advantage of all aspects, such as allowing players to retain information longer and understand the message quicker.

Removing mobility restrictions

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality makes a product experience possible that removes geographical barriers or mobility restrictions. Moreover, it is a sustainable solution: transportation and travel costs are saved by displaying the product in Virtual Reality.

Realization of your brand

Relationships & employees

In a world of near-total transparency, you should not deny the power of relationships and your colleagues within the chain of communications. They are the embodiment of your brand reputation. Their behaviour, both online and offline, at all levels in your organization, will influence your brand reputation.

You can reach your target groups effectively by combining a variety of communication channels. Not only do you create more contact moments, it also increases the possibilities for interactions.

Measurable communication results

Communication campaigns

Multimedia campaigns, for example for launching your product or service, are used to convey one message. Cross-media campaigns when you want to bring about interaction. The Transmedial campaigns are perfectly suited when the message has to be conveyed in different ways.

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