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Changed commercial process

A new era

The maritime & offshore industry has invested heavily and successfully in its development, resulting in a powerful, innovative positioning. Nevertheless, this is no guarantee for the future. The conventional commercial process and the role of communication has changed; more digitalisation, a new generation leading, more transparency and further globalisation.

The conventional, commercial process has changed. More digitization, more transparency and a new generation at the helm. We are convinced that an integral approach of your communication is needed to be successful in this era.

The right audience...

More qualitative contact moments

The maritime & offshore industry is characterised by niche markets, complex project teams, knowledge-intensive organisations and long-term procurement processes. By bringing your most important decision makers and influencers into play, you gain valuable insights that in turn will help to present your solutions with a clear focus.

The right messageā€¦

More valuable requests

Engineers must be helped in their search for innovation. Buyers are looking for the most efficient solution. The content of the message must be tailored to the most important decision makers and influencers for you to deliver qualitative discussion material.

The right channel...

More interaction

Your most important decision makers and influencers have their own, unique preferences. This also applies to the communication channels through which they prefer to receive information. 

The right momentā€¦

More conversion

Your most important decision makers and influencers need to receive the right information at the right moment. You must be ready to anticipate these conditions.

More qualitative contact moments, more valuable requests, more interaction, more conversion. We help you.

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